Monitoring and Reporting Software

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Information is critical to improving processes and increasing your ability to meet business objectives. Getting the information is the easy part - the presentation of the information in a useful format so you can act upon it is the important part.

Monitoring and Reporting software will help you influence real acceleration of your product or service development cycle. Combine this with Grid Gateway's services to help you see immediate time to market results, better return on assets and an ability to do things you couldn't do before.


  • Unmet demand - how often were there not enough resources (software or hardware) to go around
  • Wait time - how often was a resource available, but in the queue waiting for another resource to become available (i.e. a software license waiting for an option license or for a computer with enough memory)
  • No demand - how often were resources sitting idle because of no demand

Armed with this information, managers can:

  • Determine which resources to purchase (or let go) to boost efficiency
  • Create fair charge-back policies between departments that share resources
  • Determine precise resource costs per project
  • Know how best to use on-demand, short-term licenses
  • Negotiate EDA license agreements with complete data on resource usage